proliferation and accumulation of distinctions


we are not trapped

As we make a distinct on top of an accepted one, the processes whereby that original distinction arose become increasingly difficult, perhaps impossible, to discern. And of course, when we do think we have discerned them, we are again making a distinction.  As we live in language there is no escape from this.  There is no outside to language in language.  Any outside we wish to distinguish is immediately IN language through the act of distinguishing it.

This does not mean we are trapped.  In the same sense that biology is our possibility, language is also our possibility.  To the extent we also sense and live outside of language as a complex living being, that space of existence remains present in our lives.  Indeed we often do seek this as a delightful and peaceful awareness - that may arise as we accept it.  It is indeed accessible to us; but it is a different domain of existence than the domain in which we can talk about it.

Whether we consider our non-languaging awareness as fundamental, or primitive, or higher, or even transcendental is also back in the languaging domain.  However the way we treat it in language makes a difference in how we live it.  There are different relational possibilities in how we explain, justify, or promote such.